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Day Trip to Nara

I woke up pretty early this morning. Around 6 AM. While the streets were full of tourists by late morning, in the early morning, I figured I could see the city as it normally functions. I went on a jog around the city, following the major roads and cycling routes. Like any metropolitan city, I saw many people hurrying to work and getting crammed into subway cars. However, the people in Osaka didn’t seem as hurried or busy as many

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Osaka Day #1: Sky Building and Karaoke?

Today, I arrived in Japan around two o’clock. I was first hit with the hot, humid air as I exited the plane to the tarmac. Without much of an idea of where I was going, I spent a good hour deciding the correct way to the hostel. Eventually, I purchased the subway card and found the right train to take me downtown. Thankfully, the hostel was easy to find, as it was just outside of an exit at the subway

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